How to Write Your Resume

How to Write a ResumeA Resume is like a sales proposal on YOU! It should be compelling and informative enough to sell you as a viable candidate for the roles you are applying for. The best Resumes are short, sharp and concise and showcase the successes you’ve achieved for previous employees.

It’s essential to highlight key skills, qualifications and experience in a way that demonstrates value to a potential employer. It should be packed full of easy to read facts about you – but they should focus on how you helped your previous employers. Some tips to get started include:

TIP # 1: BE CLEAR ON  YOUR GOALS: what role(s) are you applying for? Having a clear idea of the role you’re going for helps you decide what information you need to focus on. This is particularly important if you are changing roles or trying to secure something much more senior. Sometimes less is more, and there really is no need to include all the details about your background – so be ruthless in cutting out content that isn’t going to add value.

TIP # 2: BE CONFIDENT IN THE VALUE YOU CAN ADD: recognise your accomplishments and the value you have added to previous employers, then clearly articulate them. If you have already completed step  1, you will be in a great position to decide what areas you need to excel in to secure your new role. Knowing this helps you identify what accomplishments and previous successes you should focus on.

TIP # 3: SUMMARISE WHO YOU ARE: Once you understand your value, develop a career summary that provides the recruiter with a quick overview of you. This overview should be no more than two paragraphs and provide the recruiter with a quick snapshot of who you are and how you can add value. It’s the first thing a recruiter will read, and should be compelling enough to encourage them to read further. Include a mixture of your professional successes, academic/industry training, together with any relevant personal attributes – but keep it concise at no more than two paragraphs long.

TIP # 4: FOCUS GENERAL CONTENT ON ACHIEVEMENTS: Under your career history, list your previous roles (up to 10 years’ worth is usually sufficient) but focus your content on the achievements you’ve made. List your responsibilities by all means, but it’s also a good idea to list at least three major achievements for each of your previous roles. Achievements don’t necessarily have to be quantified (although it’s great if they can be) – you could also think about contributions to projects, collaborations with others, extra responsibilities you’ve taken on, new processes  you’ve initiative, or customer or manager accolades.

TIP # 5: AVOID MYSTERIES: recruiters don’t like gaps in your work history (if unexplained) so it is preferable to explain any work gaps rather than leave them blank.

A well written Resume won’t usually get you the job – but it will help you secure the all-important interview. Understanding your value and what you bring to your employer is the vital 1st step to ensure success. If you would like assistance with writing a Resume that will help you achieve the career success you deserve, please make contact at or call 0419 203 304 for a no obligation, free consultation and quote. Alternatively, visit my Job Seekers’ Services page.